On-Site Support


Teleprime’s on-site support services can lower your startup costs :

  • Installation services and supervision
  • Initial startup provisioning of network equipment and testing
  • Teleprime site personnel have worldwide experience to support your unique network and site requirements.
  • Save time by having Teleprime setup your network
  • On-site training available
Why Teleprime?

More than 20 years of worldwide experience with signaling, interface, VoIP and IP PBX technologies. Your keys to getting your network optimized and working. Teleprime is a working VoIP and IP PBX research partner with the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

 Technical Support Center
  With our OWN, in house Technical Support and Maintenance Service Center, your network is supported before and after the sale by Teleprime.

Creative Solutions
 We are not locked into one expensive or limited equipment solution – We look at your network to find the best solution for your budget. 


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