SIP Trunking

Local Number Origination

we provide one of the largest combined on-net & off-net local DID footprint with 13,000 + rate centers. Our robust carrier-grade transport network provides crystal clear inbound call routing to your local DIDs. In addition, Teleprime’s local Origination pricing is easy to understand too, we won’t confuse you with multiple tiered pricing, just one low flat rate so you can spend less time analyzing your CDRs and more time building your business.


Toll-Free Number Origination

 Teleprime provides carrier-grade inbound Toll Free at unbeatable prices. We currently offer Toll Free inbound Origination in the US48, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Guam. If you require international Toll Free numbers outside of the NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Area) footprint please contact our expert sales staff to discuss your options.

International Number Origination

Teleprime offers international DIDs (local numbers) in over 60 countries. Like our domestic DIDs and Toll Free numbers, activation is quick and easy. Most of the International numbers we offer come with 2 channels (or Concurrent Call Paths) . Note: Additional channels available in most rate centers at extra cost. Please contact Teleprime sales department for pricing and availability.

Domestic Outbound Call Termination

Using our extensive carrier network, you can make outbound calls to anywhere in the US48, Hawaii, and Canada for one low flat rate.

International “A-Z” Call Termination:

Call just about anywhere on the planet using Teleprime’s A-Z call termination services. We offer premium routes though the world’s top backbone providers at very competitive prices.

Local Number Additional Services

CNAM Inbound

Get Caller ID with Name on all inbound calls to any DID provisioned on Teleprime’s network. We offer competitive “per DIP/query” pricing as well as very low flat-rate service. 

CNAM Outbound (aka LIDB)

If you own a business or have business customers, we can provide the ability to have your company name published to the CNAM database so that when you make a call, your information is displayed to the other party.

411 Directory Assistance Call

Get help when you need it. We offer nationwide 411 Directory Assistance on any of our DIDs.

411 Directory Assistance Listing

Get your business listed in the 411 database. Note: Not available in all areas, some restrictions apply.

Vanity Toll Free

Stand out from the crowd with a Vanity Toll Free number. Studies have shown that customers have an easier time remembering a catchy phrase versus a random number sequence. Vanity Toll Free Number such as 1-855-GET-HOME or 1-888-BUY-CARS. Note: We will soon be announcing pre-order options for the new 833 Toll Free prefix so please stay tuned.

Local Number Portability

Keep your existing local or Toll free phone number by porting it to Teleprime’s world-class carrier network. Number portability is often confusing and time consuming; our dedicated LNP department is there to make this process as quick and painless as possible. Bulk discounts are available on an individual case basis. Contact us today to get a quote to port your numbers. All Toll Free numbers are portable.



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