QuadroCS (Conference Server)- TelePrime

Teleprime VoIP Conference Server

The Quadro CS offers abundant features usually found on more expensive solutions:

  • Automatic dial-out to participants
  • Automatically connect conference rooms and participants in multiple locations for regularly scheduled conferences

  • Record a conference
  • Record a conference for a permanent record. USB connections for memory sticks provide limitless storage

  • Password protect conferences
  • A critical feature in a security-conscious era

  • Lecture mode
  • Lecture mode allows the moderator to permit only one person to speak. This feature, popular for analyst calls and CEO state of the union addresses, is usually found only on considerably more costly systems

  • Participant request to speak feature
  • In lecture mode, participants can signal to ask questions

  • Mute participants
  • Moderator controls the conference through the web interface

  • Email notification and reminder of scheduled conferences
  • Quadro CS delivers participants email notification and reminders of conferences

  • Lock a conference
  • Security feature prohibits additional participants from joining

  • Conference Schedule
  • Automatically schedules a re-occurring conference

  • Cluster geographically dispersed CS units for larger conferences
  • Scalability allows you grow into a larger system at your pace

The Quadro CS works with all SIP devices including the Quadro2x, 6L, M8L, M26x, M32x and E1/T1 gateway models.

Click here for Quadro CS tech data sheet